Michael Slezak
September 22, 2006 AT 08:06 PM EDT

So, with William Petersen (pictured) revealing to The Chicago Tribune‘s TV blogger Maureen Ryan that he may be cutting back on his CSI schedule next season, and with Dennis Farina no longer on Law & Order (Jesse L. Martin becomes the crusty older partner when the show returns to NBC’s schedule in a new timeslot tonight), we face a world where solving TV murder is mainly the domain of sexy young things. Which is kind of sad, no? I mean, just yesterday, my colleague Alynda Wheat and I were lamenting the demise of the ”Old People Who Solve Crimes” genre. Remember the jauntier days when that angel of death, Jessica Fletcher, traveled the land and thwarted homicidal maniacs on Murder, She Wrote? Or the simpler, less gory plotlines of Diagnosis Murder? Don’t today’s youth (and seniors) deserve a similar kind of show in primetime? And isn’t PopWatch the perfect place to brainstorm it?

Here’s the pitch for my show, Life and Death: Phenomenally talented Conchata Farrell (of Mystic Pizza and Two and a Half Men fame) stars as Chicago-based pharmaceutical saleswoman Candy Stripowski, who happens upon a variety of murder/assault victims as she travels the Midwest hospital circuit. With the assistance of her boss, former medical examiner Dusty Jenkins (played, of course, by Robert Guillaume), she helps hapless local police forces to bring the perpetrators to justice. Oh, and Alynda insists Rita Moreno needs to be part of the cast… and she’s totally right. So pitch in and suggest a character for Moreno to play, or do one better and pitch a ”Old People Who Solve Crimes” series of your own. Begin!

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