Annie Barrett
September 24, 2006 AT 11:25 PM EDT

Third time’s the charm? Desperate Housewives starts up again on Sunday (ABC, 9 p.m.), and you know you’re gonna watch it. Nobody believes you when you say you’re over this show. Yes, there’s still the unsettling subplot in which Felicity Huffman’s Lynette (picutred) has to deal with her husband Tom’s love child, who’s like 30 with a really annoying voice. Ew. On the other hand, the Applewhites are gone, Mike Delfino’s in a coma, and according to real life, Bree will eventually have to become pregnant. Sold! You’re in.

Brothers & Sisters is on right after DH, and it’ll probably be worth your while if only to see Calista Flockhart on TV again. She’s playing a conservative radio talk-show host. It’ll be weird.

Speaking of big comebacks, EW’s Marc Weingarten called Shawn Colvin’s new album, These Four Walls, her finest since 1996’s A Few Small Repairs. Or check out Basement Jaxx’s excellent Crazy Itch Radio — what all the cool kids have been silently bopping to this week via their iPods. (You can just tell.)

The International Federation of Film Critics awarded Pedro Almodóvar’s movie Volver  ”Best Film of the Year.” It won’t be released until Nov. 3 (watch the trailer here), but Sony Pictures Classics is rereleasing eight Almodóvar classics on DVD, including All About My Mother and Bad Education.  Do your homework!

EW’s Lisa Schwarzbaum gave a rare A to Old Joy, a film opeining today in limited release, about two guy friends camping in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains. (What, no one gets rammed by a yak or straps themselves to a rocket?)

We know, we know — Lost is not back yet. But you can watch this awesome promo for the Oct. 4 season premiere all Saturday long.

Or you could, like… go jogging.

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