Hannah Tucker
September 26, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Weeds”: There’s a new sheriff in town

I wonder if the folks at Showtime are planning to release a soundtrack with this season’s 12 theme songs — Ozomatli’s version may be my favorite one yet — but I also wonder if that would be the most disorienting CD ever created. On the other hand, maybe it would be soothing — living in New York City has made me realize I can be lulled to sleep by any repetitive melody, even when that melody is Toby Keith’s ”Should’ve Been a Cowboy” playing at full volume in the apartment downstairs.

Of course, I digress. The episode at hand had only one calming moment: at the end, when Nancy and Conrad sit and watch the grass grow. And even that scene was underscored by Nancy’s deep sense of guilt, which is leading her to smoke her blues away. MLP was particularly sphinx-like this week: Her furious, interrupted make-out with Peter seemed genuinely passionate, but when Conrad mentions her ”husband,” she recoils at the word, snorting derisively that she and Peter have ”a business arrangement.” Perhaps Nancy was more saddened at smelling Judah’s cologne on debate-bound Shane than she let on. She also invokes her late husband’s memory when giving Shane girl advice — only to be accused of ”always bringing up dad.” Still, maybe it’s not Judah who’s making Nancy get defensive here. Maybe it’s the fact that she’d rather be with Conrad than with Peter.

But there is more immediate tragedy afoot. Poor Andy is two toes less the man he used to be, and by foolishly telling Yael that he’s going to drop out of rabbinical school, he probably won’t even have her spunky bedside manner to look forward to anymore. And poor Councilman Doug, demoted to just plain ol’ Doug. A Doug who lost by three votes (despite the inspired 11th-hour ”Celia Hodes has chlamydia” stump speech) and who now has been robbed not only of his greater purpose in life but of his right to ”cutsies” as well. To top it all off, he was beaten by a woman who compares her previous PTA election win to Hitler’s success in Munich. (This also earns Celia my vote for best sound bite, though for a while her dubious comparison was neck and neck with ”That bitch ate my toes.”) Now Councilwoman Celia is in the house, and she’s got an anti-drug agenda. The look on her face when she tells Dean, ”Warn your dealer,” even made me suspicious that Celia might actually know about the Business. Considering she’s angry with everyone involved (except for maybe Sanjay and Mr. Sweaters), busting up the pot party could be quite a thrill.

Still, Celia had better watch her back. That blond wig, which seemed so Marilyn at the beginning of the season, has an increasingly Angelina Jolie-in-Life or Something Like It feel, which could be a sign that Ms. Hodes’ luck is about to run out. Or it could mean that I’m grasping at straws here, searching for any karmic indication of what’s to come. Because for the first time this season, I have no idea. And that’s a good thing. After a disappointing ep last week, Weeds is back on track.

What do you think? Will Silas succeed in worming his way into the family business? Did Conrad really move out of Heylia’s house? Is ”I got Tasered” a great excuse for not turning in someone’s campaign forms, or the best excuse ever in the history of excuses?

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