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Stupid feud of the day: Scissor Sisters vs. FYE


94436__ss_lJust in case you needed further proof that you, too, have all the skills necessary to run a giant multinational corporation: The CEO of Trans World Entertainment, Jim Litwak, says his chain of music stores – including FYE, Coconuts, and Wherehouse – will not be carrying the Scissor Sisters’ new CD, Ta-Dah, in response to lead singer Jake Shears’ complaint that, at nearly $20 a pop, the chain’s CD prices are too high.

Hang on, lemme see if I can get EW tossed off the chain’s newsstands: Hey Trans World Entertainment! Your mother wears combat boots! Your mother was a land turtle!

(Is it working? Is it working?)

Originally posted September 27 2006 — 2:12 PM EDT

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