Whitney Pastorek
September 29, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Grey’s Anatomy
FACE SUCKED Meredith took McVet to the prom but took a roll in McDreamy’s hay instead.
AFTERMATH Both McMen asked Meredith to pick/love them.
SATISFYING? Sure, but the part where Chris O’Donnell (who plays McVet) is signed for only a few episodes demystifies things a bit.

The Office
FACE SUCKED Jim professed his love to engaged Pam, then planted one on her.
AFTERMATH Pam called off her wedding…but not before a jilted Jim transferred to the Stamford branch.
SATISFYING? No! Cop-out! The separation is realistic, but we don’t have to like it!

FACE SUCKED None on screen, but Grissom and Sara’s relationship was revealed, terrifying CSI viewers who dread emotion.
AFTERMATH ”I got you a veggie burger,” said Grissom. Then they wandered off to peer at something very intently.
SATISFYING? Ooh…is that gunshot residue?

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