Michael Slezak
September 29, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

If you’re not yet addicted to SciFi’s brilliant, beautiful Battlestar Galactica, then I’m assuming it’s because you haven’t yet seen an episode. This weekend is your big chance to remedy that (before the Oct. 6 season premiere) by renting (or buying) the show’s first 2.5 seasons on DVD, reading EW’s recent cover story, or catching sister channel Bravo’s catch-up specials (tonight at 7 p.m., and Saturday at 11 a.m.). One thing that’s always puzzled me about the show, though: How come all the female cylons are played by smokin hotties — like Lucy Lawless, Grace ”Who me? Sexy?” Park (pictured), and Tricia Helfer — while the male cylons are all kinda pasty? Just asking.

And just in case you think I’m being all hipper-than-thou with my Battlestar demands, I’ve got some catching up of my own to do between now and Monday morning.

– Both The Namesake (opening in March 2007) and Running With Scissors (Oct. 27) rank in my top 10 most anticipated films of the next few months, and yet, lamely enough, I haven’t read the books by Jhumpa Lahiri and Augusten Burroughs that said movies are based on. Seeing as Lahiri’s Interpreter of Maladies is one of my favorite short-story collections like ever, I’m tackling The Namesake tonight. Maybe I can get to the latter by next Friday?

– Also, my DVR is chock-full of back episodes of Prison Break. (Four from last season, and all of this season’s.) Either I make a dent this weekend, or lovely Wentworth & Co. are gettin’ deleted.

– And in theaters, I don’t want Hollywoodland to come and go before I get a chance to see it, so that, too, is on my list. I just hope I don’t get distracted by: the season premiere of SNL, with Seth Meyers joining Amy Poehler at the Weekend Update desk (NBC, Saturday, 11:30 p.m.); Showtime’s premiere of Dexter (Sunday at 10 p.m.), starring Six Feet Under’s Michael C. Hall as a forensics expert with a murderous streak; and, of course, with Yom Kippur starting Sunday night, Stephen Colbert’s atonement line (1-888-OOPS-JEW). Yep, dude went there.

There’s my list, PopWatchers. Now let your fellow readers know what you need to catch up on during the final weekend of September.

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