Whitney Pastorek
October 04, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

According to Variety, Jim Carrey’s latest film project, A Little Game Without Consequence, is getting shelved just two weeks before the start of production, thanks to the departure of his co-star Cameron Diaz and the director, Gabriele Muccino. (No word on whether craft services was sticking around.) That marks the third Carrey project in a row that has fallen through.

This is not good for the former $20 million man, given that  he’s split with longtime agent Nick Stevens and signed at CAA, the Wal-Mart of agencies, in the wake of his management team’s decision to go separate ways. (Carrey is, in essence, now a victim of Hollywood’s foster system.) Even worse, he’d reportedly rented a $45,000 a month apartment here in NYC for the filming of Little Game, and I’m guessing he’s not getting his deposit back on that. Finally, and as a side note, what the hell is up with his hair?

PopWatchers, Jim Carrey is clearly a man on the brink. And I think it’s our job to save him, lest he slip any deeper into turmoil and wind up on drugs/a Scientologist. What should he do to get his career back on track? Won’t you use the comments section to come up with ideas? Do you even care? He was really, really good in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, was he not? Shouldn’t he be worth saving, if only for that? Come on, PopWatchers: if you can write letters to Barbaro, who is not even a person, surely you can spare a couple words for America’s Former Favorite Funnyman?

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