Michael Slezak
October 05, 2006 AT 11:18 PM EDT

I’m one of those folks who spends so much time clutching my couch cushions during Lost that I often miss the little details that more sharp-eyed (and likely less freaked-out) viewers pick up on. Case in point: While I noticed that one of Juliet’s book-club guests (pictured, left) was clutching a copy of a Stephen King novel during the mind-blowing season premiere, my colleague Gary Susman used his DVR slo-mo to spot the book title, as well: Carrie. (Scary!) Could that be a passing reference to a certain young castaway with special powers (Walt) or, Gary wonders, the hint of a bloodbath yet to come?

Just as intriguing (or maybe just as random): Did anyone else note that as Juliet popped Petula Clark’s ”Downtown” into the CD player, she was actually holding the jewel box for Talking Heads’ Speaking in Tongues? (I didn’t, probably because I was making a mental note to try out a little Petula at my next karaoke session, but once again, keen-eyed Gary spotted the little brain-teaser.)

Finally, the significance of the moth is change of the identity of Sarah’s new manfriend is… massive? Inconsequential? It remains to be seen. But considering how badly Jack wanted the dude I.D.’d, and considering Sarah’s refusal to do it, one has to wonder…what’s in a name? I leave it for you all to discuss, or to once again remind me PopWatch is way too obsessed with this series.

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