Michele Romero
October 06, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Taking a cue from the gaming world, the writers of CSI: NY based an entire episode (Oct. 11) on the concept behind sportswear company edoc laundry, a Seattle clothier that designs encoded tees, hoodies, and caps that provide clues to solve an online murder mystery. “Not only is this an innovation in clothing but it’s an innovation in storytelling,” says Elan Lee, game designer and cofounder of the company. Take a peek at the show’s upcoming plot then check out all the videogame-inspired items we’ve found.

The upcoming show features Edward Furlong as a college student assisting stars Gary Sinise and Carmine Giovinazzo in the hunt for a serial slayer with a penchant for dressing his victims in edoc-style graphic T-shirts ($29 each) after murdering them. To get one of the four tops created specifically for the show (as well as other versions), go to edoclaundry.com.

Liven up your wall space with these 13” hyper-hued vinyl decals based on Space Invaders ($40 for a pack of eight, velocityartanddesign.com).

Brave Space, a Brooklyn-based furniture-design trio, created these stackable bookshelves after staring at our favorite brick-dropping time waster Tetris for hours ($120 each, bravespacedesign.com).

Stay warm in Office Lendorff’s Hit hat ($52) and scarf ($56), which feature cool and colorful graphics — each piece is made of 45,000 to 140,000 stitches to resemble the pixels in a picture. And if you need a place to store your prized video console, try their Zonk! bag ($94, officelendorff.com).

Remember Tron? We know you do. Well, treat your feet to a pair of limited-edition Stan Smith II sneakers — part of the new adicolor line by adidas — decorated with images from the film ($100, urbanoutfitters.com).

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