Amy Ryan
October 06, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Usually, we don’t link to movie promo websites just for the sake of doing so, but the brand spankin’ new site for Richard Linklater’s Fast Food Nation is a little different. (And we do mean brand spankin’ new: may be the first news outlet to link to the site, which launched just a few minutes ago.) In addition to the usual photo stills and trailer promoting the film’s Nov. 17 release, the site serves as an aggregator for a supersized array of fast feeds — to YouTube videos, Technorati blog posts, links, and other content from outside providers. It’s all grouped according to the political, social, and public health issues raised by the film; with one click on the ”Fast Food for Thought” module, you can alter the entire home page to deliver feeds on a new topic. Distributor Fox Searchlight claims the site makes unprecedented use of Web 2.0 technology for a movie promo page, and from a design standpoint, it’s certainly very sleek. Whether this makes the whole project sound overly earnest or geeky, and whether it will actually whet your appetite to see the film, I won’t speculate, but it might spur you to activism, which would probably be fine and dandy by Linklater.

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