Mandi Bierly
October 06, 2006 AT 09:14 PM EDT

NBC has ordered a full season of Heroes, which means it’s now safe for you to watch it without worrying that the network will leave you hanging with unresolved mysteries. On a related note, star Adrian Pasdar, who plays Milo Ventimiglia‘s high-flying politician brother, stopped by EW’s office earlier this week. Although some of us were out that day, Alynda Wheat graciously offered a recap, which began with the fact that Pasdar had kissed her hand, twice, to thank her for writing in a review of the show that she would ”probably say anything” to keep him working. (Those of us who’ve seen Profit, his deliciously dark 1996 Fox series co-created by Angel‘s David Greenwalt, second that sentiment.) What else Alynda will admit to: ”I’m not washing said hand, and am, in fact, preserving it as a veritable petri dish of Pasdar’s love and bacteria,” she said this morning. ”As soon as they perfect this cloning thing, Pasdar’s dried spit and I are having a baby.” Anyone like to second that?

addCredit(“Heroes: Mitch Haaseth/NBC”)

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