Annie Barrett
October 09, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Just when we’d gotten used to rolling our eyes at Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie separately, they had to go out to a steak restaurant together (really? eating? steak?) to unofficially announce their make-up. Here, watch the video. Not only is it possibly the worst paparazzi-hounding one I’ve seen in weeks, but it features the power duo sitting side-by-side on a bench, vigorously texting — possibly each other. Which is laughable, yes — but what else are they supposed to do? Answer these idiots’ questions? Smoke a doobie?

Maybe! Photographers got a shot of what was either chronic herb or schwag granola in Paris’ purse at a fashion show in Milan. I especially like the Photoshopping liberties Defamer took in adding a glowing green haze around the baggie. But what does Paris eat when she gets the munchies? An Altoid?

Speaking of overexposed skinny-minnies, Eva Longoria’s okay (we can breathe!) after her tumble down the steps of her Desperate Housewives trailer, and Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush, who was on the phone with her at the time, wants to take the blame. That’s cute, but I really don’t get why. Is this the first time a member of the Bush family has apologized to anyone for anything? We must get to the bottom of this!

Also falling under today’s WTF? umbrella: David Hasselhoff admits that KITT, his talking-car sidekick in Knight Rider, was gay. That’swhy the background of the desert in the opening credits was purple! Oh,and I have something very important to admit to all of you: Thiscomputer I’m using is a lesbian.

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