Annie Barrett
October 09, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

The image accompanying this post should be a giant, frowning emoticon, but instead it’s nothing — an emptiness similar to what many music lovers are feelin’ inside. Beloved retailer Tower Records sold liquidation rights Friday to an evil-sounding firm called the Great American Group. Each of the bankrupt chain’s 89 stores will shut down.

You know what that means. Put your illegal downloads on hold (better yet, leave them going and delete any possible duplicates later!) and run on out to your local Tower to commiserate with other people who just ”got” the store and everything it stood for. Not to mention: cheap tunes!

Everyone must have a fun Tower memory to share. I’m a loser, so mine involves falling asleep in a crouch position after becoming engrossed (but apparently not too much) in one of the hundreds of cool indie magazines they carry and missing my ride home because it takes way more than the thumping bass of ”Rhythm is a Dancer” to wake me back up.

Yours must be better. What is it? And with Virgin Megastore emerging as the most prominent deep-catalog chain, what does this mean for the music industry?

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