Annie Barrett
October 12, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Admit it: You’ve watched a YouTube music video of your favorite TV couple. No, it’s okay. We have, too. It’s only embarrassing if you keep it locked up inside!

My first so-cheesy-it’s-good video was a Jim and Pam one I caught over the summer. I thought ”Oh, fun, what a good idea” and then forgot about it. But a not very extensive search this afternoon indicates there are MILLIONS of others, and more than one set to the most desperate-sounding of Coldplay songs.

There’s a slew of Kate and Sawyer from Lost, Meredith and Derek (I refuse to use the term ”McDreamy”) from Grey’s, Chloe and Clark from Smallville — even Benji and Donyelle from So You Think You Can Keep Your Face Animated For Three Months Straight?

Our favorite today is of Prison Break‘s Michael and Sara,set to ”I Love You Always Forever” by Donna Lewis. I especiallyappreciate the light pink script informing us of the song choice andgeneral theme, ”I love you.” If you’ve never seen Prison Breakbut feel like you should based on how you keep hearing about how hotthis Wentworth Miller (pictured) is, videos like this one are highlyrecommended. There’s also one set to Sarah McLachlan’s ”Building aMystery.” And Madonna’s ”Crazy for You,” and Backstreet Boys”’Crawling Back to You”… and, I’m getting dizzy.

Yes, the videos are amateurish, but they’re so well-intentioned andmore palatable than most of the crap videos on MTV these days.Actually, I’m pretty sure the main reason I’m delighted by the TV musicvids is because I love thinking of these incredibly sappy songsrandomly blasting out of people’s cubes at work. Someone could easilywalk by, make a face, and say ”Wow, Annie, cool. Lifehouse.”

C’mon, ‘fess up.

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