Tim Stack
October 18, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

”Nip/Tuck”: Trouble with appendages

Poor Liz. This lady cannot catch a break. First her kidney is stolen by a beautiful woman. Now it turns out that her remaining kidney is failing and she needs a transplant. And someone needs to tell her that grown women do not look good in pigtails. It’s nice that Sean and Christian agreed to be tested as possible donors, but then Sean chickened out.

In other medical-emergency news, Burt (Larry Hagman) had a minor stroke while having sex with Michelle (big yuck). It turns out the old fella had some Viagra in him, which Christian accused Michelle of giving to Burt without his knowledge. But the senior citizen admitted to ingesting the, um, energizing drug himself. Do we think that Michelle poisoned him? I’m not sure, and I’m getting a bit bored with this lackluster story line anyway.

Fortunately, Rosie O’Donnell’s Dawn Budge, who is the highlight of this season so far, came back. Her ”Bitch” shirt, along with the tackylicous pink cowboy hat, was amazing. But the flashback to her ”earjacking” was a bit hard to watch. I’m not usually squeamish, but watching the razor blade slice off her ear made me wince. Although not as much as when Matt tried to put the moves on Kimber, but I digress. Rosie’s Nip/Tuck arc is basically an audition tape for a spin-off series in which she would star as Dawn. (She just announced on her own blog that she has agreed to do the new series.) I’m not sure I would watch the spin-off, but I think it would be great if Dawn kept appearing on Nip/Tuck. She lightens the mood. The scene with Dawn and Sean at the genetics lab was laugh-out-loud funny. I loved it when she asked to hold her little mouse friend, saying, ”I want to bond with my ear.” One question: Can doctors really regrow an ear like that? I have very little medical knowledge beyond what I’ve seen on ER and Grey’s Anatomy. Anyway, the final scene with Dawn and Liz was actually quite touching. Rosie is giving one of the best performances I’ve ever seen from her. It actually feels like a character and not just Rosie O’Donnell doing some shtick.

Finally, Kimber did something that wasn’t cuckoo: She stopped Matt from flirting with her. That was definitely one of the most awkward moments ever. But then she had sex with Christian after disclosing that Matt had been coming on to her. It seemed at first as if Christian actually wanted to get back together with her, but then he told her he was just using her for sex. That sent Kimber back to her crazy ways, and she fully made out with Matt.

Speaking of Matt, the kid actually did something likable for once. He offered to give Liz his kidney, which is more than we can say for his father. Sean did sort of redeem himself in the end when he came clean to Liz, but this has not been a good season for him. He’s becoming more and more like Christian, and that’s not a good look for him.

What do you think? Is Michelle trying to kill her husband? Is Kimber going to go off the deep end? And will Sean’s affair with Monica Wilder come back to haunt him?

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