Samantha Harmon
October 18, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

It was a rare mix of music and tastes Tuesday night at Capitale in New York City, packed full of Very Important People and press, like myself, just pretending to be VIP, all invited by Hennessy to promote their cocktails. The music was the star attraction but the chance to hobnob with the stars and the free Cognac didn’t scare any one away either.

Leading the musical pack was dance aficionado Allison Goldfrapp, with her over-the-top psychedelic side-show, complete with keyboardists, lady go-go dancers dressed in leotards and wolf masks, and her own wildly shiny, deliciously tacky gold dress. It was captivating and funky and I dug it. It definitely made me want to dance, but after looking around, I saw that getting down with my bad self would only cause me to stick out like a sore thumb. So instead I swayed ever so slightly side-to-side tapping my toes in my 4-inch heels. Then after a brief pause (while Goldfrapp, her dancers, and her dress retired for the evening), The Strokes (pictured) hit the stage. By far the best show of the night! These boys are raw and real and unflappable. They had awesome energy and total control; they knew just when to let it out and when to hold back.

addCredit(“The Strokes: Kevin Mazur/”)

Although The Strokes rocked the house, Kanye West, backed up by DJ CarlCox, remained the subject of all the hype. I must admit I was curious.He walked out on stage like he owned it. He has a baby face that acamera can’t quite capture. He spent most of his set attempting in vain to getthe blasé crowd pumped. Even a special appearance by Pharrell couldn’t get the Very ImportantPeople going. I was impressed by Kanye’s ability to keep a smile onduring his show. I got the feeling that he found the whole thing a bitridiculous and half-assed it. Either way I enjoyed myself. The musiccouldn’t have been more varied, but it worked. All the flavas meshed,and it tasted pretty damn good, better than Cognac straight up anyways.

It’s not that often you can see such a mix of music in one night. If Icould pick my premiere blend of bands it would have to be a shot ofAerosmith, a splash of Scissor Sisters topped off with a squeezeof Snoop Dogg. The energy would spill off the stage! What musicianswould you pay to see together? A little Justin, some Willie Nelson, adash of Luciano Pavarotti? Come on, blow our minds and leave your mixbelow.

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