Michael Slezak
October 18, 2006 AT 10:26 PM EDT

Why do I allow myself to get worked up by utterly random lists like the one that serves as the basis for The 101 Most Influential People Who Never Lived, a new book by Allan Lazar, Dan Karlan and Jeremy Salter? Right off the bat, I’m irked that only one female character (Juliet) cracks the top 10, and that she’s got to share the No. 9 position with a dude (Romeo). And seriously? The Marlboro Man at No. 1? The Cat in the Hat at No. 79, but no love for The Lorax and his Truffula Trees? Cinderella ranked below Prince Charming? And with a list that makes room for Buck Rogers, Betty Boop, and Bambi, there’s no room for Charlie Brown, Contact‘s Ellie Arroway, or Black Beauty? I could go on complaining all day, but you know what? I’d rather pass the baton to you, PopWatchers. So click here to read the full list of 100, then tell me what looks right, what looks wrong, and what we can do to get justice for the Lorax.

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