Annie Barrett
October 19, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Check out the first few minutes of The O.C.‘s Season 4 (it premieres Thursday, Nov. 2). I particularly dig the threatening first few seconds. “The O.C. is back… with a vengeance.” Marissa wasn’t enough — the show wants to kill you, too! (Sometimes I dream that the deep, growly voice of Fox’s promos is chasing me. “Next morning… you will sleep through your alarm. And someone will die.”)

Or maybe I should call the show Hangin’ with Mrs. Cooper? What the hizzell is Ryan doing entering sexy-dress Julie’s motel room on a Saturday night? At the Mermaid Inn, no less — site of many an O.C. tryst (Luke/Julie, Ryan/Theresa, the guy who was hoarding Julie’s porn tape/Julie). The motel does appear to be a major step up for Ryan, who now lives in a dungeon and doesn’t bother to lock his door.

Okay, so not everyone around me is as excited as I am about the new season. But they do have to deal with the thick cloud of ”The O.C. For Her” scent we just received as a promotional item from Fox. “Smells like the general decay of Mischa Barton!” promises the box. (Not really. It smells like something you’d find at the Gap — or more specifically, a hybrid of raspberries and Summer’s “hobbit feet.”)

Will you still watch The O.C. even though you won’t get to stare at Marissa’s outfits? And would you want to smell like The O.C.?

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