Michael Slezak
October 20, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EDT

Slezak (4:03:26 PM): Hey, Annie, did you see that AMAZING video of the shrimp on a treadmill that Scott Brown sent around? I can’t stop watching it!
Barrett (4:05:01 PM): I know! It’s absolutely breathtaking. The legs look like Luigi from Super Mario 2 — remember? His legs had the power to flutter/spin like that.
Slezak (4:06:35 PM): It fills me with delight.
Barrett (4:06:45 PM): Yep.
Slezak (4:07:37 PM): Okay, would it be insane if I built the Weekend To-Do list around it? Maybe it can be a small-fry edition. I mean, my weekend is pretty much built around my nephew Anthony’s 4th birthday party. What else qualifies as small but worthy in pop culture this weekend?
Barrett (4:08:45 PM): Hmmm.
Slezak (4:10:57 PM): Well, Monster House is out on DVD, and got a good review in EW…and it’s certainly for the wee ones.
Barrett (4:11:19 PM): How about four lil’ EPs from cool women? (Awesome transition Annie.) There’s Lily Allen’s Smile, Cat Power’s eMusic Session EP, Stephanie McKay’s creatively titled Stephanie McKay, and Revenge of the Killer Slits by The Slits; all of ’em got at least a B from EW’s own Leah Greenblatt.
Slezak (4:11:52 PM): Perf! And you know what else is smaller in music? Ruben Studdard!
Barrett (4:12:19 PM): Hey now!
Slezak (4:12:33 PM): No, seriously. The Velvet Teddybear has slimmed down, and word on the street is his new CD’s not half bad. EW’s Jody Rosen gives it a B.

Barrett (4:15:47 PM): Also, did you hear Hil-Duff (small!)has been asked to create a new fashion line for Barbies in Japan? She’ssuper qualified to do this. And in keeping with your theme of “wee,” Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses is something EW thinks kids should actually watch. Or maybe you could, with your nephew. Never too early to develop a tiara fetish…
Slezak(4:17:33 PM): Absolutely! I’m all for non-gender-specific gifts for thetots. Though even if Anthony wasn’t already proficient in pottytraining (and his ABC’s), there’s no way I’d have ever gotten him this horrific item.
Barrett (4:17:41 PM): Yikes.
Slezak (4:17:47 PM): Finally, something more soul-crushing than diapers!
Barrett (4:19:31 PM): I love how that’s dedicated to “future infant potty people.” Very Future Business Leaders of America.
Slezak (4:20:08 PM): Okay, so this is bordering on a to-do list theme, right?
Barrett(4:20:46 PM): Yeah, we’ve got a real winner this week. And I’ll tellyou who’s not large: Sally & Calista. They’re on that show we like Sunday nights!
Slezak (4:21:01 PM): Yay! I knew you’d find a way to give a shout out to Brothers & Sisters! Did you hear ABC picked it up for a full season?
Barrett (4:22:01 PM): Potty people in da house!
Slezak (4:22:29 PM): Okay, this may be a “little” bit of a stretch for a big-screen item, but technically speaking, I think The Prestige counts as a “smaller” movie than the last collaboration between Christopher Nolan and Michael Caine, no?
Barrett (4:26:29 PM): Also unrelated, but we need to mention the Swords and Sandals online game. It always kills me because I still haven’t figured out how to play! I just like testing out the various amounts of stubble.
Slezak(4:26:59 PM): You have to get your weapons and shield before you go into the arena, Annie! IT’S NOT A FREE-FOR-ALL!
Barrett(4:27:44 PM): But I don’t like armor! WHY DO WE ALL HAVE TO FIGHT?
Slezak(4:28:44PM): Alas, there’s no “hug” button next to “charge” and “taunt.”Anyhow, time to wrap this up. Let’s end with a rousing rendition ofBlink 182’s “All the Small Things“!

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