Michael Slezak
October 23, 2006 AT 07:12 PM EDT

This just in from the Department of Refreshingly Honest Celebrities: Daniel Radcliffe may be the face of one of the most profitable and beloved movie franchises of our time, but (hallelujah!) it doesn’t seem to have turned the artist frequently known as Harry Potter into a frightening Celebumonster. Here’s what he tells Newsweek magazine about his earliest film roles: “I would like to look back at them in 10 or 20 years and possibly cringe a little bit. I wasn’t an actor when I was 11, really. I was just a kid having the time of his life.” Sweet, right? Let’s just hope Radcliffe’s humility (nor his amusing self-deprecation; see his forthcoming cameo on Extras) isn’t part of an ingenious PR campaign to disarm the moviegoing public before announcing his eight-figure film deal with a major studio and clothing line joint-venture with Baby Phat’s Kimora Lee Simmons.

addCredit(“Daniel Radcliffe: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.com”)

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