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Going way, way back! This week in '64

How do 42-year-old hits by the Supremes, the Beach Boys, and Manfred Mann hold up today? Whitney Pastorek gives 'em another listen

Going way, way back! This week in ‘64

All right, Flashbackers! After last week's battle with Retrigue, I decided to hop in the way-way-back machine today and head to a time long before the existence of one-hit wonders like Spandau Ballet or Men Without Hats. That’s right, I said ”one-hit wonders” again. See, I’m sticking to my guns, because I’m afraid some of you may think that ”one-HIT wonder” is analogous to ”one-SONG wonder,” and I believe it is not. I define ”hit” as ”Top 10 song on the American pop charts.” (This is because yes, I am a slave to the system, and no, I am not European.) So Spandau Ballet only made it to No. 29 with ”Gold,” and Men Without Hats only made it to No. 20 with ”Pop Goes the World.” By my standards, therefore, one-hit wonders those bands shall remain.

However, I have removed the Fixx from the list, as I see that ”Are We Ourselves?” hit No. 15 on the Hot 100 as well as No. 1 on the Mainstream Rock chart, and I think that’s enough to declare it a hit. (I am feeling charitable.) And so, the Fixx Army, I would like to apologize for offending you. It was not intentional. Please stop throwing bricks through my window.

Speaking of offending people, I’d like to invite you all to stick around at the end of this week’s exciting gallery-style Chart Flashback for the world premiere of our new Chart Flashback FAQ, a.k.a. ”The Man in the Mirror Manifesto.” It’s the yammering essay everyone’s going to be talking about!

And now: Billboard’s top 10 singles for the week ending Oct. 24, 1964…