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What's Weirder? (Bizarre Music News Edition)


153048__dunst_lWhat’s weirder?

A. Kirsten Dunst (pictured, right) is “seriously mulling” the possibility of starring as Debbie Harry (left) in a biopic. (From Daily Variety, very last item.)

B. Tim Burton directed the new Killers video for “Bones.” Skeletons: They’re just like us! They go running on the beach, playguitars, wear shades, and pair up for road trips, you know, like in The Simple Life. 

C. The Pixies will hit the studio to record their first record since 1991’s Trompe Le Monde. They reunited recently to tour, but they want to become “vital” again instead of stagnating as a “county fair band,” says singer Frank Black.

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Tough call. B is kind of dumb. C is kind of cool. So I say A, in hopes that it’s not vaild in the first place.  The last word I’d think of when I see Kirsten Dunst is “edge,” unless it’s immediately followed by “of Seventeen… magazine.” Sorry Kirsten. (And no playing Stevie for you, either.)