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'Lost': A spine-tingling theory!


13032__locke2_lThe theorizing has begun: Whose cancer-ridden spine was that in the X-rays on last night’s Lost? Lost-ologist Ryan McGee is hoping against hope that the preview teaser was a deliberate misdirect – and that the owner of the afflicted backbone isn’t Head-Other-in-Charge Ben but Locke (Terry O’Quinn, pictured), he of the still-mysterious paralysis.

The Ben theory makes more conventional sense, of course. It would explain the sequestering of Jack, it would bind hero and ostensible villain in a morally ambiguous situation, etc. But, as a character, Locke is still adrift (in my opinion), and this twist – that the Others once had an interest in him, and perhaps still do – might nudge him back toward’s the show’s sweet spot.

That’s my Halloween wish. I probably won’t get it, if my previous wishes are any indication: Now and Again still hasn’t returned to air, I am still not married to Linda Cardellini, and the Bloomin’ Onion I ate several days ago is still with me, despite prayers and entreaties. But a boy can dream.