Mandi Bierly
October 27, 2006 AT 06:18 PM EDT

There are actors that Hollywood will apparently continue to force on us, no matter how many times we look away. (Good morning, Jennifer Love Hewitt.) And then there are actors who we’re actually rooting for, like Christopher Gorham. How great was he as Henry the accountant on last night’s Ugly Betty? So great that it makes me wish I’d tuned into Out of Practice (pictured) or Jake 2.0.

Anyone else get the feeling that it’s time for Gorham’s real breakthrough? Maybe the boy who was torn between Brooke and Sam on Popular, who accidentally shot the teacher he was in love with on an episode of Buffy, just needed, as my friend Eva likes to say, “time to bake.” Now, he’s the rare find who can smile at a girl for knowing the circumference of the earth and make it believable — and sexy. We want more of him on Betty, and more of him on TV in general. (And an aside to suit-wearing, cubicle-dwelling men with personalities like Henry or The Office‘s Jim: if you haven’t figured it out already, women want you. And also, you should dress like Superman for Halloween.)

Which unsung actors or actresses would you like Hollywood to show the love to?

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