Mandi Bierly
October 27, 2006 AT 09:11 PM EDT

If you, like many, left Men in Trees after the second episode featured Anne Heche (pictured) being stalked by a stray raccoon, come back! Turns out this show, which I obviously DVR and watch at a time that’s not Friday at 9 p.m., does not suck at all when it’s not trying to be overly quirky. (ABC has even ordered four more scripts of the series — along with The Nine and Help Me Help You, btw.)

Why am I hooked on Men? Because it actually managed to surprise me by having jilted romance expert Marin (Heche) and “burly” Jack (James Tupper) get it on in Episode 5. I thought for sure it was going to be a dream sequence, but no, they did it. Twice. And unlike some shows that have to ship a guy off to a new town if he kisses his love interest early in the series’ run, Men has allowed Elmo, Alaska to be big enough for both Marin and Jack — which keeps the sexual tension alive and well and oddly satisfying. (Neither Marin nor Jack is ready for a relationship after being burned in the love department, so they’re trying to be friends. Which is working well, save that steamy kiss in the closet at her birthday party last week.)

Are you willing to give Men in Trees another chance? There’s an avalanche on tonight’s episode, people. Who doesn’t want to see how a show that only does action in the bedroom handles that?

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