Get ready for an official 'Heroes' TV Watch |

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Get ready for an official 'Heroes' TV Watch

We’ve heard your plaintive cries in the wilderness, PopWatchers, and your pleas have not gone unheeded. We’re happy to announce that, starting with tonight’s episode of Heroes, your favorite new superhero show will get the benefit of a full-fledged TV Watch. Writing the post-show analysis every week will be EW’s Gilbert Cruz; alas, Gilbert has no superpowers that I know of, but perhaps he’s keeping them secret for now and will reveal them in the fullness of time. Check’s home page tomorrow morning and every Tuesday for Gilbert’s Heroes TV Watch column, and keep an eye on PopWatch, where we’ll continue to address any supplemental cheerleader-related questions of burning import, and where we’ll still gush over how lovable Masi Oka is whenever the mood strikes us.

UPDATE: The TV Watch column for last night’s Heroes is here. You can catch up with PopWatch’s recaps of all the previous Heroes episodes here.