Whitney Pastorek
October 30, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

It’s happening, PopWatchers: Most of the media in the Western world is predicting Studio 60‘s imminent demise.

Even though NBC has ordered 3 more episodes of the struggling series, that seems to be more of a peace offering/contractual obligation to Aaron Sorkin than a vote of confidence, given the god-awful ratings and continued barrage of criticism leveled against the show since its inception. The sad truth is that NBC can make more money by slapping on another Deal or No Deal than it can by trying to salvage Studio 60, and because networks only make decisions from a fiscal standpoint these days (unlike, you know, a creative one), you can pretty much kiss today goodbye, and point me to tomorrow.

I’m pretty heartbroken about this, to be honest; as one of the staunchest Sorkin apologists you’ll ever meet — as well as the type of person inclined to go off on rants about how society today is a commercially-driven cesspool of short attention spans and mindless drivel, with entertainment the bloated lowest-common-denominator rat swirling in its brackish depths — I hate the thought that I may never know how Bernard does as the show’s other black staff member, or if Tom’s brother survives AFGHANISTAN, or exactly what purpose Bradley Whitford was on the show to serve. Still, I guess it’s better to just set the cast and crew loose so they may find their way to higher ground, and I’m not gonna complain about having an extra hour of free time in my week.

Ooh!  That’s a good question: What should I use to fill that free hour?  See how quickly I move on?

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