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Trailer Blazer: 'Hills,' 'Hostel,' 'Hamiltons'

OK, Halloween was yesterday, but the horror films are still coming…

- Hostel: Part II (Jan. 5, 2007) Look, I know a lot of folks liked the first one (EW’s own Owen Gleiberman gave it a B), but if the hotness of Jay Hernandez couldn’t make the concept of people getting chained up and tortured (I’m guessing that’s what happened?) seem appealing, I doubt Bijou Phillips and Heather Matarazzo are gonna lure me in this time around.

- The Hills Have Eyes II (March 2, 2007) Replace friendly looking family with military trainees, add more blood, and you’ve got yourself the second part in a critically acclaimed film trilogy a near-certain No. 1 opening weekend. (Thanks to JoBlo for the heads up.)

- The Hamiltons (TBD, 2006) Don’t ask me to explain why I won’t be going to see Hostel or Hills, but somehow find myself morbidly drawn to indie horror flick The Hamiltons. That’s really a better question for my therapist. Ellie, you want to take that on? No? You’re not on the clock right now? Oh. OK.