Jennifer Armstrong
November 03, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

Audiences bring back TV’s old favorites

God bless Laura Innes for sticking around County General this long, but we couldn’t be more psyched about the infusion of new blood in the form of one John Stamos. (Clooney who?) Even better: With Drs. Gallant and Carter gone, we can skip the international-relations lessons on Iraq and Africa (well-intentioned, but boooooring) and get back to the high-blood-pressure-inducing medical action we love.

The venerable institution’s 17th season got a fresh shot of estrogen with the addition of Alana De La Garza as an ADA and Milena Govich as a detective. For De La Garza, anything is preferable to watching her bed David Caruso on CSI: Miami; Govich, however, could stand to be a little less dippy as the show’s first female cop partner. (For chick-kicking-ass lessons, please consult Mariska Hargitay over at SVU.)

New to The CW’s Superman series: fellow hottie-turned-crime fighter the Green Arrow (Justin Hartley). It’s nice to have somebody around who knows Clark’s secret besides Chloe, and who makes our goody-goody hero question his values a bit. We’re also loving the addition of Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) as Chloe’s potential newsroom crush, while the romance between Lana and Lex can only be described as pure evil genius.

With beloved creator Amy Sherman-Palladino no longer at the helm, we wondered if Gilmore‘s scripts would retain their trademark zing. Under new showrunner David Rosenthal, the dialogue sometimes tries too hard (see: Sookie’s endless monologue about wrist strength). But we’re sticking with Gilmore for now — in part because Rosenthal clearly loves to write for Liza Weil’s Paris, and we love to watch her.

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