Dan Snierson
November 03, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

With his new disc, THE INFORMATION, Beck is remixing the term do-it-yourself. Instead of giving fans a premade album cover, he’s letting them design their own. Each CD is randomly packaged with one of four sets of funky stickers that you can affix to a blank-grid booklet. (At Beck’s concerts, you can fashion a T-shirt with a choice of iron-ons.) To accomplish this feat of democratic art, the singer partnered with design agency Big Active and 20 artists. ”This was a dream come true. It’s like getting to create 100 covers instead of one,” says Beck, who estimates that he’s already crafted 30 versions of his own. ”There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and that’s the point — it’s everybody’s personal expression.” EW asked three of Beck’s celeb fans to stick up for their artistic side.

ON HIS DESIGN ”There’s a randomness to the stickers and I wanted to put some sort of tiny little narrative quality to them. It’s very simple: I just wanted it to feel like there was something moving forward and also had this feeling of the spontaneity, the chance, and the spark of music.” ON BECK ”He evolves on every album and at the same time he’s always recognizable as Beck. He’s really defining his own genre.”

ON HER DESIGN ”It’s creative energy flowing out of him…. I pictured him on a mystical journey through nature to find his creative expression and reach his feminine side — he has to wander through the mountains and the clouds and go into a weird pond.” ON BECK ”He’s kind of a genius. I went with my friend to see his concert, and my friend, who’s a musician, just kept saying, ‘This is the highest level!”’

ON HIS DESIGN ”The concept Beck was going for reminded me of a high school notebook, so I just randomly placed the stickers on it the way I would have in high school. I wanted it to be really cluttered…. I thought it was really cool of Beck to let people give him a different look — an eye patch, sticking out his tongue, a mustache. It’s very self-deprecating of him.” ON BECK ”He’s one of our greatest innovators. Beck has proven that you can be successful but still be creative and have integrity about what you do.”

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