Mandi Bierly
November 03, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

My father and uncle are politicians in Pennsylvania, so I know they’ll be proud to hear that I’m running a campaign… to get Donny Osmond on Dancing with the Stars. Why, after 31 years, do I heed the family call to public service? Because last night, I watched The Best of Donny & Marie: Volume 1 DVD (in stores Nov. 7, but already on EW’s giveaway table last week!),  and I finally have an issue I feel strongly about: Watching Donny do the rhumba would be hot.

Trust me, the man has it in him. (I’m talking about a fun, flirtacious Emmitt Smith-style rhumba here, by the way, not a faux-sexual Joey Lawrence one.) You’ll be a believer, too, after seeing these two hours of highlights, handpicked by Donny, from the late ’70s variety show. The guy has the moves (even on ice skates or stilts); the tolerance for bad stage clothes (at one point, he’s wearing a suit covered in peacock feathers); and the willingness to be around lesser stars (Joey Travolta costars in a Grease parody, where they sing about “sludge”). Sign him up, ABC! He’s also charming when he screws up (Charo can’t stop giggling when he has to go backstage to fetch a prop during their funeral sketch), and he can keep it together through a wardrobe malfunction (in this case, Marie’s).

Who’s with me?

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