Amy Ryan
November 09, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

Chronologically, Ed Bradley may not have been the youngest of the mandarins on 60 Minutes (that’d be Steve Kroft), but he did seem like the youngest (youth being an extremely relative notion at the venerable newsmagazine). Maybe it was the the little gold earring (how many guys still wear those at 65?), or maybe it was the knowledgeable interviews he did with pop-cultural figures from Michael Jackson to Bob Dylan. Bradley, who died this morning of leukemia, also scored such “gets” as Muhammad Ali, killer/author Jack Henry Abbott, and (in his only TV interview) Timothy McVeigh. He wasn’t the showboater Mike Wallace was, but he was just as tenacious, on such hot-button stories as the reopening of the Emmett Till murder case and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. After his 25 seasons and 19 Emmys, it’s impossible to imagine 60 Minutes without Ed Bradley.

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