Mandi Bierly
November 09, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

Kristen Baldwin: I think I just saw the Pet Shop Boys performing “West End Girls” on Dancing with the Stars. Did anyone else see this or should I have my husband prescribe me some anti-psychotics?

Jessica Shaw: Oh, no. It actually happened. Could you feel the self-loathing oozing from the pores of that pathetic lead singer?

Tim Stack: It wasn’t nearly as awkward as castoff Joey Lawrence trying to hold back tears as it would undoubtedly smear his Mystic Tan.

Mandi Bierly: For those of you who also watched Top Model last night, let me speak on behalf of my people: the “NASCAR driver” who let the girls use him as a punching bag and later held the checkered flag while they raced to nab the most clothing is a fledgling driver who makes his real living as a Hollywood stuntman. No real NASCAR driver would have done that bit. They only cameo on quality shows, like One Tree Hill and The Guiding Light.

JS: Did Top Model have to pay for a new car when Michelle punctured it with her heel?

Whitney Pastorek: As I discovered in my research for the TV Watch last night, not only is he barely a NASCAR driver (Busch series, mostly), he is also PAUL NEWMAN’S GODSON. ???????

MB: Really? Are you sure? Paul needs to step up and finance the boy so he can get a decent ride.

WP: Yep. He’s the son of Stan Barrett, who I guess was Paul’s stuntman at one point?

Tanner Stransky: My parents live five minutes from Kansas Speedway.EVERYONE — and I mean everyone because in Kansas, everyone is a NASCARfan — was elated when Paul Newman bought a mansion right near thespeedway for when he comes in for races. He’s obsessed with it.

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