Samantha Harmon
November 13, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

It’s been a rocky start for this show and me. Last week’s episode gave me hope that it was becoming a much more stable and healthy thing between the two of us. But much like the pilot, last night’s episode left a bad taste in my mouth, its hour packed with tragedy with no relief in sight. And airing after a dark comedy like Desperate Housewives, which manages to ride the fine line of humor and tragedy quite delightfully, makes Brothers & Sisters all the more overly serious.

Between the flashback of Kitty’s experience in New York on 9/11, Justin ODing on drugs after being recalled to Iraq, the discovery of the deceased Mr. Walker’s illegitimate child Rebecca, Kevin getting dumped again, and the scandalous Sally Field sleeping with the carpenter on their first date (okay not so shocking), it was just really too much to cram into a one hour program. It’s even too much to cram into one damn sentence!

The entire episode was just awkward. The opening scene of Justin(Dave Annable, pictured) spelling “cantaloupe” out with his saliva on his poor boss/girlfriend’sbare back was not hot! But even more awkward than thatwas the way the show dealt with the 9/11 flashback that became a pityparty for Kitty. How the hell were we suppose to feel for Kitty, spoiled,self-obsessed Kitty? She wasn’t in the towers. She didn’t lose anyoneclose to her. She was in no real danger. Couldn’t she have tried toconvey, just once, how bad she felt for the unlucky ones?

And finally, Justin, Justin… you really dashed my hopes. Iunderstand now that you are just too weak for me to become attached to.It’s too soon in the show for you to fall off the wagon. We we’re juststarting to get to know you as a recovering drug addict. You reallyblew it last night. Your boss/girlfriend, played by the lovely MarikaDominczyk, whom fellow blogger Mike Slezak seems to think is a Cameron Diaz lookalike,is totally smokin’, whether she looks like Cam or not. You reallyscrewed that one up, Justin! Was the girl you cheated on her with evenof legal age?

Are you guys on my side? Did Sally Field and Company let you down this week too?

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