Katy Caldwell
November 15, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

Monday night’s Beck performance at the Helio Drift launch party in Hollywood sure had some surprises! Gone was the black vest and hat outfit he’d sported through the summer months of his tour; missing were the puppets that copied his and all of his band mates’ moves; also missing was the banquette table where the band clanked out tunes such as “Clap Hands” using forks and glasses for instruments.

Speaking of the band, there was one mystery member in a white suit who went incognito under a big, white cowboy hat and large aviator sunglasses, a guitarist resembling Beck’s brother-in-law, Giovanni Ribisi. No mention was made of him, and I noticed this a.m. that he was not in any of the band portraits taken before their performance. The Girl Scout that I am quickly Googled, “Giovanni Ribisi plays guitar,” and on a random fan page, sure enough, I found the sentence, “He enjoys playing the guitar.”

Can any of you PopWatchers help me out and let me know if said guitarist (pictured, left, having an intimate moment onstage with Beck) is indeed the Giovanni Ribisi? I mean, I could probably call the publicist, but it’s way more fun this way…

addCredit(“Beck: Chris Weeks/WireImage.com”)

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