Helin Jung
November 16, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

“Marisa,Josie, please pack your knives and go.” Ah, sweet music to my ears. I’vebeen watching Top Chef rather devotedly these past few weeks, even going so faras to watch the reruns that are always airing on Bravo. I just love this show (I especially love the humble and hardworking Cliff, who better win!). Last night’s episode featured all of my favoritethings — hearts, kidneys, blood, chicken feet, and whiny pastry chef Marisa’s elimination (hallelujah). Eversince she made that patronizing fuss about fellow contestant Otto and the lychees, I’ve wantedher out! Out! Anybody want her recipe for Hockey-Puck Panna Cotta? Didn’t think so.

Rancid bits from last night:

— Betty wilting after last week’s humiliation, when she (unwittingly?) stretched the rules of a strict diet-food challenge. I think she was feeling dejected, and therefore wasn’t thinking clearly with the duck/puff pastry mess she and Mia made last night. Come back, Betty!

— Slacker Mike somehow getting on the winning team. What? That joker!

— Sam giving the guest judge his sexy face. Relax — you’re not that hot.

— Josie repeating, “I’m so talented. So much talent. So talented.”

— The guest judge commenting about Elia and Carlos’ weird juice: “Thistasted like it sat out for 48 hours and went bad.” Ewww.

— Bravo’s choices for its “most annoying” poll: Where were Marisa andMike?!

Tasty bits:

Mushroom paella and fried soft shell crab

— Sweetbread city… I’m ready to chow down on thymus and pancreas next time I do some finedining.

— Stifler’s Mom/Jennifer Coolidge popping up

— Cliff being helpful

— Ilan being nice to Mike (I know, it’s contradictory, but sometimes I feel sorry for lil’ Mikey)

Tony Bourdain is on as guest judge next week — can’t wait. Also, check out Tom Colicchio’s blog. Love him!

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