Annie Barrett
November 16, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

I wish Michael Jackson hadn’t bothered to show up at all for last night’s World Music Awards in  London. Once there, he wandered around the stage, intermittently hugging preteens and rasping a few lines of the “We Are the World” chorus before flinging his jacket into the crowd. If you bother to watch the video, note his attention to detail on the timing of the fling. He really needed it to release on the first “world” of a new verse — primarily so that he could avoid more singing. And towards the end, he pitifully gave up mid-line. He sang, “It’s true, we…” and then cut off, possibly because he’d just realized he has ceased to make a brighter day for you and me.

Did it HAVE to be a children’s chorus?! [Angrysmiley.]

Fans who’d dropped £100-200 on tix (seeing as this was the lame-o WMAs, a good question for them would be “why?”) came to the show expecting Jacko to pair up with R&B star Chris Brown for a live version of “Thriller.” That didn’t happen, and Brown performed alone. Whatever you think of Brown, that took guts. (Or, more likely, an irate director screaming in his face that he better go out there anyway.) And whatever you think of Jacko, consider this, and weep for those brighter days.

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