Annie Barrett
November 18, 2006 AT 05:09 AM EST

As you can probably tell from the below post, we can get a little punchy on Friday afternoons — a trend made most evident by the strange, often senseless themes applied to the dreaded Weekend To-Do List. In that spirit: It’s time to play Six Degrees of Sally Field!

We’ll start with Dame Judi Dench (1), who stars in the latest, near-greatest Bond film, Casino Royale, which opened today.

Dench’s Ladies in Lavender co-star Maggie Smith (2) resumes her role as Professor Minerva McGonagall in 2007’s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, a sneak preview of which you’ll catch if you go see Happy Feet in theaters this weekend. (Insta-sneak peak: the scary Potter poster is here.)

Robin Williams (3) provides two of the voices in Happy Feet, and along with Whoopi Goldberg (4) and Billy Crystal, Williams will host the jokers-for-Katrina benefit Comic Relief, a three-hour live event (starting at 9 p.m. Saturday) simulcast on both HBO and TBS. (Does that mean HBO’s version will be “very very funny”?)

I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned Whoopi, because that’s an obvious connection to Sally Field and we’re only at number 5. Oh, well. Less work for me. Whoopi was always reviving Sally’s flagging spirits in Soapdish, and Sally could use any help she can get to keep making Brothers & Sisters the fall show everyone refuses to give up on. (ABC, Sunday, 10 p.m.)

Besides, it’s clear people don’t really appreciate Six Degrees anyway. Maybe I too can come back in January with killer new episodes of the to-do list! Probably not.

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