Annie Barrett
November 21, 2006 AT 07:00 PM EST

Remember the Bank of America guys who covered U2’s “One” at a corporate merger thingie? Yeah, we’re still trying to block it out, too. But David Cross won’t let us! The comedian sang the song once more, with feeling, to open a Modest Mouse concert this weekend. He’d also performed it as a sketch at NYC club Comix a few days before that. The funniest part about watching these clips is trying to figure out if people in the audience have a clue what he’s mimicking. (They’re NYC hipsters with computers, so probably.) When they cheer, it’s ostensibly for Cross, but if you focus really hard on the lyrics it’s like they’re really rooting for Bank of America. If Cross keeps this up, he’ll be starring in their commercials…

…Unless this is their idea of a commercial, and has been all along! Any press is good press, right? THANKS, INTERNET! And thank you, Mrs. Featherbottom.

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