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Kate Sullivan
November 21, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

”Prison Break”: The plane to Panama arrives

There were so many moving moments in this special family episode of Prison Break.

I loved Sucre’s ”maybe that’s far enough” when Aldo took a step toward his son. It was so protective. Sucre has really become Michael’s second brother. Which is why he didn’t even complain when Michael insisted that he drive Daddy Burrows to the hospital. (He balked, yes, but he didn’t complain.)

It made Sucre’s final words this episode — ”Thank you, Michael, thank you for everything” — kill me. He said it with such earnestness and emotion. Michael did save his life back in the river, and Michael supported Sucre’s quest for Maricruz when anyone else would have told him she was a lost cause. But damn. Michael persuaded Sucre to break out of prison despite his short sentence. Sucre’s loyalty to Michael made him shoot a man with powerful connections. (Never mind the drug smuggler telling the feds about the escape plan — he could have Sucre killed if he really wanted to.) And now Sucre’s plane might get gunned down by the feds. Tough rap for Sucre, and almost a tougher rap for Michael, who feels guilty enough as it is, what with his father dying in his arms, Westmoreland dying in the prison hospital, and that old man falling into those coolers in the last episode. Sucre can’t die for Michael’s sake.

Speaking of Michael’s inconsolable agony: In the flashback to Michael’s foster-care days, we saw that he was always learning how to break out, and that he was learning to hold a grudge too. Michael blamed his father for letting him stay in abusive foster care and for killing a man. But his hatred was less than what was suggested in last week’s cliff-hanger. Michael was quick to forgive — maybe too quick, considering the lifelong damage his father’s actions caused — but both Aldo’s heroics and the time limit made such speedy forgiveness necessary. Boy, did that reunion go quickly. Aldo was lucky he had time to tell Michael that he loved him, let alone receive a proper burial by his sons.

Unfortunately, C-Note’s reunion with his family was almost as short-lived. The Franklins resided in momentary peace by the lake (seeing C-Note read to his daughter there was adorable), but a man can’t camp forever. Back in civilization, things were a lot less idyllic; the prisoner and his family were too recognizable. (There’s no way his kidnapping his daughter from school didn’t get major news coverage.) C-Note is fortunate that his wife was smart enough to slowly drop his daughter’s medicine into the garbage can before she got arrested. Hell, Sara wouldn’t have been that smart. Well, maybe she would be now….

Sara burning Kellerman with the hotel iron was the smartest move she’s made in a long time. (She should have aimed better for the hood of that car when she leaped out of the window, though. Just in case any of you readers find yourself in a similar situation: Car roofs cave. That fall would have hurt her way less if she hadn’t landed on the windshield. She certainly would have had fewer gnarly cuts to sew up in the bathroom stall.)

Sara also made the genius move to grab her purse on her way out of the hotel’s window. (Her purse contains her father’s secret key, the one that we hope leads to a locker or a safe holding Terrence Steadman’s secret recorded phone call. So many secrets!) Kellerman was not expecting Sara’s self-defenestration, and he’s a dead man because of it. Yep, you may be a super secret agent, Kellerman, but a hotel employee can still make you turn down your television, and you still have to answer to Kim, and not from the ”cover-your-ass handbook.” Kellerman will have to either fight off an assassin very soon or just fade into oblivion now that he’s cut off from the government. Maybe he’ll become some homeless guy who mumbles, ”I used to be the president’s favorite secret agent.” Nah, Kim will definitely try to kill him. And I’m 90 percent sure he’ll succeed. Side note: It must be weird to have the mundane jobs in evil underground plans. Someone had to edit Kellerman out of the president’s photos. They had to research them and then go into Photoshop and carefully outline Kellerman’s body. Necessary? Yes. Boring? Beyond words.

What wasn’t boring: Bellick’s arrest! I love how that lady detective was so onto Bellick’s bull, just luring him into trusting her. He should have known better than to run off at the mouth with ridiculous, melodramatic lies. (Crocodile tears? Really, Bellick?) As far as Bellick saying that Roy Geary hit him in the head during a brotherly fistfight — what a dumb move! Not that he really could have made himself any more of a suspect than the forgotten threatening phone message made him. I know he wasn’t a cop proper, but he was a prison guard. He should know how to spin a better fake story.

And hopefully Michael will know how to spin his true story next week. He’ll doubtless do most of the talking when he and Lincoln (and Sara via speakerphone) have to lay out their conspiracy theory for Mahone. Or maybe Michael will just have to come up with the best escape plan ever.

What do you think: Will Michael and Co. be able to get Mahone over to the Jedi side of Prison Break? Will C-Note have to leave his wife behind forever? Will Bellick go to prison for Geary’s murder? And will we get to check in with Haywire one more time before the show goes on hiatus?

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