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Seacrest out... to Vegas, baby!


153455__ryan_lRyan Seacrest just announced that he’s producing a reality series on the lives of twentysomethings who live and work in Las Vegas. (I am assuming not just as strippers.)

The question over here at PopWatch seems to be, how much does this dude get paid to think up incredibly generic reality shows like this? And if it’s that easy, can we have a job, too? Here ya go: Let’s do a reality series about the twentysomethings who live and work on cruise ships! Now gimme a million dollars!

(P.S. Seacrest is calling his show Paradise City. Now… a reality show about Axl Rose, that I would watch. “Pigeons of Sh*t Metal” was bloody genius.)

Originally posted November 30 2006 — 11:00 AM EST


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