Alyson Hannigan: Jesse Grant/
Hannah Tucker
December 01, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

What would you get your character Lily?
I saw this hat at Marc Jacobs — it’s this oversize beanie and it’s just scrumptious…. I’d buy her the $400 Marc Jacobs beanie!

What would she get you?
Honestly, Lily wouldn’t have to go far. She could just go to her closet. She could give me her boots, she could give me her Dolce & Gabbana bag — she could give me any of her Phillip Lim clothes that I would absolutely take in a heartbeat. I’ll take Lily’s secondhand clothes! She smells okay, I’m okay with it.

What would Lily get her boyfriend, Marshall?
I think Marshall would like Apple stuff. Maybe one of those new laptops — there’s, like, a tiny black one with a camera built in. That’d be good, you know — he’s going to have to do all his studying for the bar. And I suspect he likes toys and stuff — [such as] the lightsabers from Star Wars or something.

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