Mandi Bierly
December 01, 2006 AT 09:51 PM EST

If you’re watching the new St. Elsewhere: Season 1 DVDs, you might be surprised by something other than your strange attraction to Howie Mandel (watch Dr. Wayne Fiscus get it on with creepy pathologist Cathy Martin in the morgue, then judge me). I’m referring to the unlikely guest stars:

  • Tim Robbins: He plays a domestic terrorist injured in his own bank blast. The multiepisode arc was his first major acting gig, which unfortunately coincided with his first opportunity to see the Clash in concert — he overslept and was late to the set. In a bonus feauture, he admits he wasn’t exactly popular after that.
  • Christopher Guest: More exciting than seeing him play an uptight hospital administrator in a couple eps about Legionnaires’ Disease is the fact that the patients actually have Legionnaires’ Disease. (Perhaps this is only exciting for fans of House.)

  • Judith Light: She’s in fine Lifetime form as a pregnant woman who takes an operating room hostage and demands to see the doctor who botched her husband’s vasectomy.
  • Doris Roberts: Her turn as a homeless woman in the episode “Cora and Arnie”won her an Emmy. She says she was so sure she’d win that she checkedout the stairs to the stage before the ceremony (because she didn’twant to trip). Luckily, she informed her late costar Jimmy Coco aboutthe bump in one step — he took home a trophy, too.

What are the best, long- buried guest spots you’ve seen on DVD?

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