Annie Barrett
December 07, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

Playtime! Pick the option that sounds weirdest to you:

A) Rebecca Romijn will join the cast of Ugly Betty as the woman we keep forgetting has been hidden in some sort of attic/tomb all low-voiced and covered in gauze.

B) LaToya Jackson and Erik Estrada have a new reality show in which they team up with Muncie, Indiana police and shoot a lot of guns.

C) Bai Ling will guest-star on three episodes of Lost as a past love interest of Jack’s and the artist responsible for Jack’s plethora of IN YOUR FACE! tattoos.

See my pick… after the jump!

addCredit(“Rebecca Romijn: Jesse Grant/”)

Tough one. It’s so not B. In terms of weird, LaToya’s existence and a show called Armed & Famouspretty much cancel each other out to create a refreshingly likelyscenario. Of course the ‘Toy should have a reality show, of course itshould occur in Indiana, and of course she failed her first fitness test. I’m torn betweeen A and C. Bai Ling will probably do fine on Lost— it sounds like her main job is to be sexy, and the biggest thing thatmakes the idea of taking her seriously so strange to us is that we’restill not over this.

So I have to go with A. Romijn didn’t provide the mystery woman’svoice, but we were obviously supposed to think the Bandage Monster wascloser to Bradford’s age than Daniel’s. So wait… I guess this means she’s not Fey Sommers?TWIST! Also, it’s Rebecca Romijn. I mean, the model thing works, butother than that… Really? Her?

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