Annie Barrett
December 08, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

First, I wonder if pet stores across the nation are experiencing inflated sales of overweight bunnies? This would make hard-hitting news. Must add this to “possible exposés” Stickies.

Oh, Che (Chris Pratt, pictured). I’ve never liked him, despite what I consider to be an attractive amount of scruff. And now he’s gone and gotten Summer kicked out of Brown by Dean Mullet. This was only acceptable for two reasons. 1) When Summer plunked down on her bed while packing up her dorm room, the requisite Cool Song of the Scene’s lyrics were along the lines of “Summer, sitting down.” Only The O.C. can do this with impunity. Sort of. 2) Summer’s now back in Newport, where it’s so not cool to go to college. She should fit right in at the sorority house that used to be her own.

addCredit(“The O.C.: Michael Desmond”)

Leading the sisters? Kaitlin Cooper. Kaitlin is REAL BAD, and don’tyou forget it. That twitty little Harbor it-girl, apparently in therunning to become the Next Real Housewife of Orange County,didn’t stand a chance. I’m still in shock that we finally cameface-to-face with Actual Water Polo on this show. Is nothing sacred?Anyway, Kaitlin had a blowout, and in keeping with the times, thebikinis and jean skirts of the stock O.C.-teens-behaving-badlyfootage were replaced by… LEGGINGS. Agh! They won’t go away! I dughow nonchalantly Katilin informed Housewife’s boyfriend, “Sweatheart,you’re so gay,” and then he stepped out of the closet and immediatelyhooked up with a guy. Ryan found the pair in Summer’s bed (ew!) andtold them to “carry on.” We knew he didn’t mean “keep up the good workin your fashion design” because Ryan didn’t sing the phrase in threedifferent notes.

Then it was back into the closet for… Taylor’s chance to useRyan’s body “like a jungle gym”! Hey, this is actually working. Theycan mess around now and put off the soul-searching Marissa crap forlater, or never. Taylor’s Tawny Kitaen-esque turn in Ryan’sdecidedly pedestrian fantasies were funny but should have lastedlonger, and I would have loved to see Ryan go all extra-cheesy ’80s inthem himself. There’s always next week… which may not be the case forthe rest of the season. Speaking of which, how do you think next week’sIt’s A Wonderful Life Chrismukkah episode looks? Please tell methe gaunt figure with dramatically face-shrouding wavy hair extensions won’t be Mischa….

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