Helin Jung
December 08, 2006 AT 05:14 AM EST

Please, Top Chef fans, help me understand: Last night’s episode was straight out of Bizarro World. Why is that slacker Michael still on this show? How did he suddenly not end up in the bottom three of the elimination challenge? And, hold on a minute. Cliff? Is that really you there in the scrappy pile? This can’t be. You’re breakin’ my heart, mister.

My world started spinning really fast last night during the 10 o’clock hour. Marcelwon the Quickfire Challenge. I did not make this up. (By the way, didanybody else see the guest judge Rafael Lunetta look at him longingly?They definitely had some kind of connection.) Mike forgot his eggs forthe elimination challenge, but then people gave him some of their eggsto help him out, and then he made a pretty good-lookingbreakfast taco with them! But, the most shocking part had to be Cliff’ssorry performance. Cliff! Sand in your pile of goop? Can you hear megasping for air?

Okay, okay. I give in. There are times when even the best fail you, andtimes when the worst deserve to see the light of redemption. I was atleast pleased with the choice of top three chefs — Betty (whew), Mia,and Elia. Elia’s scrumdiddlyumptious waffleis one that I’m definitely putting on my list of recipes to try. Let’smake a toast — to next week, when we come out of this alternate universeand Mike goes home. Cheers! (I know, I’m being mean… but he really hasto go.)

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