EW Staff
December 18, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST

”Blackadder’s Christmas Carol” is one of the best anti-Christmas DVDs

WHO’S NAUGHTY AND NICE Rowan Atkinson (at left), Tony Robinson (at right), Robbie Coltrane

PREMISE A visit from the Spirit of Christmas (Coltrane) convinces Ebenezer Blackadder (Atkinson), a Victorian doormat, to turn over a new leaf and become a greedy, cold-hearted bastard.

BAH, HUMBUG! MOMENT Ebenezer snubs and insults a visiting couple, unaware that they’re Queen Victoria and Prince Albert.

MEMORABLE QUOTE When Mrs. Scratchit sobs that Tiny Tom will have no goose this Christmas, Ebenezer replies: ”Mrs. Scratchit, Tiny Tom is 15 stone and built like a brick privy. If he eats anymore heartily, he will turn into a pie shop.”

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