Amy Ryan
December 19, 2006 AT 12:00 PM EST

All three of these deals have been reported in actual newspapers recently, but one of them is, apparently, pure fiction. See if you can spot the fake project:

A. Cable channel AMC has greenlit a new series that will be a remake of The Prisoner, the classic 1960s British brain-bending drama that starred Patrick McGoohan (pictured).

B. Victoria Beckham will star as an alien bride in The Thetan, a Tom Cruise-produced sci-fi movie inspired by Scientology lore.

C. ABC is Americanizing the BBC sudser Footballers’ Wives, with Superman Returns director Bryan Singer attached to shoot the pilot.

(See the answer after the jump.)

addCredit(“The Prisoner: Everett Collection”)

I didn’t want to believe A., since the classic show isn’t exactlycrying out for a TV remake, and besides, there’s already a big-screenversion in the works from director Christopher Nolan (The Prestige,Batman Begins). But Variety says it’s so. Regarding C., Bryan Singer seems (for a great many reasons, including his dry-to-the-point-of-nonexistent sense of humor) like the last guy who should be adapting Footballers’ Wives, but again, Variety says he’s producing the ABC version and may direct it as well. So that leaves B., which was described in a detailed account in Britain’s Daily Star; alas, Cruise’s rep tells MSNBC’s Jeannette Walls that there is no such project in development. Too bad; I’m not sold on an AMC Prisoner or a Singer-directed Footballers’ Wives, but I’d certainly pay to see Posh Spice in Battlefield Earth II.

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