Josh Wolk
December 22, 2006 AT 05:00 AM EST


1 Baby Got SexyBack
All aboard! Hollywood’s best-dressed ladies know that a dramatic train is the best way to make an entrance and an exit. Among those with a made-ya-look caboose: Jessica Alba in Atelier Versace and Michelle Williams in Vera Wang at the Academy Awards.

2 Well Suited!
Taking a tip from Barney on How I Met Your Mother, male stars decided to ”suit up” (sadly, K-Fed didn’t get the memo). Daniel Craig looked 007-handsome on screen and off, while Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z also got dapper.

3 In Her Shoes
Thanks to their trademark red soles and to trendsetters like Cameron Diaz, Christian Louboutin’s sexy heels walked all over Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik to become Hollywood’s favorite fancy footwear.

4 Stylish Movies
The Devil Wears Prada, Marie Antoinette, and Dreamgirls were like fashion porn, with endless, loving shots of couture. As a result, women everywhere began wearing 1970s makeup and 1770s beehives.

5 Bumps
Gwen Stefani and Heidi Klum looked positively fetching when they were expecting, courtesy of their maternity dresses by L.A.M.B. and Michael Kors.


1 Totally Ugly ’80s
The reemergence of 1980s fashion was fun at first but now has become as annoying as a broken Teddy Ruxpin. The biggest offense? Leggings. Stars like Lindsay Lohan and Rihanna have been photographed to death in these tacky tights and, quite frankly, we’re ready for the trend to pass away. And while you’re at it, Fashion Grim Reaper, please take headbands, big belts, and skinny jeans, too!

2 Head Cases
Note to Denise Richards and J. Lo: A bad-hair day is no excuse for building the world’s biggest bouffant or showing up at the VMAs in a metallic head wrap inspired by Wayland Flowers and Madame. Next time, why not try a ponytail?

3 Little Women
Stylist Rachel Zoe made her name dressing some of Hollywood’s skinniest, like now-ex-client Nicole Richie. The toothpick trend is so out of control that clavicle barers like Mischa Barton, Posh Spice, and Kate Bosworth have paved the way for subzero sizes!

4 Borat’s Bulge
Normally, a male star hitting the beach in a revealing bathing suit inspires our applause (Casino Royale!). But Borat’s neon thong looked like something even a blind Chippendales dancer would reject. Eww.

5 Spruced Sisters
Despite upgrades to the Simpson girls (Ashlee’s new profile, Jessica’s lip injections…), neither sister’s body of work benefited from the procedures. Jessica’s post-divorce album, A Public Affair, fizzled, as did her film, Employee of the Month, while an altered Ashlee was far from all that jazz in London’s Chicago.

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