The worst TV shows of 2006 |


The worst TV shows of 2006

''Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip'' and ''My Super Sweet 16'' make the list

1 Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip NBC
Studio 60 speechifies endlessly about politics and race and religion. But this Aaron Sorkin drama has become an exercise in equivocations: The Midwestern guy may have idiot-cliché parents, but he also has A Brother in the Military He Won’t Exploit. And don’t believe that the tokenism of evangelical Christian Harriet (Sarah Paulson) is excused just because Sorkin acknowledges it. Studio 60 is so determined not to be ” red state” or ”blue state,” it’s an appeasing, icky shade of purple.

2 My Super Sweet 16 MTV
Girl power gone wrong — with a generation of young women demanding pink-themed parties and Daddy’s wallet. The glorified consumerism of this reality series is unsettling; worse is the stunning lack of self-awareness and grace that’s being presented as aspirational.

3 My Boys TBS
The premise is so promising: Guy’s gal PJ (Jordana Spiro) prefers the company of men. But this series doesn’t come close to mining the fine, weird chemistry of male-female platonica — and uninspired sports metaphors don’t sound less lame coming from a woman’s mouth.

4 Sharks Discovery Channel/CBS
Discovery Channel’s usually entrancing Shark Week was both exploitive and boring. Worse: that Capone’s vault of a special, CBS’ Shark: Mind of a Demon, which ended with Jacques Cousteau’s grandson literally stalling out in a shark-shaped submarine. Talk about jumping the great white.

5 Big Day ABC
This wedding ”comedy” is as schmaltzy as a rose ceremony, more irritating than a Bridezilla marathon, and about as subtle as a ball and chain.